Sneak Peak: Children’s Health PARCS Replacement

Nathan MaustPARCS, PARCS

NextGen Parking LLC has received & is beginning to test 30 lanes of DESIGNA Parking Access & Revenue Control Equipment to be installed at Children's Health's Dallas campus. All equipment has been custom-powder coated to align with the client's corporate branding. NextGen has been working with Children's to transform their parking operation through the implementation of next generation parking technologies for the past 2 years and look forward to completing this project in the months to come.

The new Connect Series Revenue Control equipment features touchscreen operating panels, touchless ticket dispensing, QR code readers to accept Frequent Parker & single or multi-use passes. All Barrier Gates, In.Connect Entry Terminals, Out.Connect Exit Terminals, & PAY Cash&Card Pay-on-Foot machines feature embedded high-definition advertising displays for the purposes of improving employee & visitor communications, displaying corporate branding, & improving patient morale as they enter & exit their parking facilities.

NextGen will provide a more in-depth write-up on the groundbreaking functionality of the system that will provide an incomparable customer experience in the near future but wanted to show that parking equipment doesn't have to be bland & utilitarian. Parking equipment is the first and last impression as employees, tenants, & visitors enter and exit your development or campus.  Don't accept repurposed consumer electronics in cheap aluminum cabinets or equipment that looks like ugly shipping drop-off boxes when you can have the most aesthetically attractive, versatile, & reliable PARCS equipment in the industry.