DESIGNA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sophisticated software-controlled car park management systems. Well over 6,000 of our systems are installed worldwide today, with another two being added to this number daily - from the simple hotel garage to large complex projects in which thousands of parking spaces are administered or networked across a city. Our partners are airports, hospitals, shopping centers, construction companies, local authorities and the different operators of these facilities. DESIGNA's headquarters is in Kiel, Germany. Today DESIGNA's products are known from Dubai to Singapore and from Warsaw to Cape Town for being state of the art in terms of reliability, efficiency, and user-friendliness. With over 250 employees we are represented in more than 60 countries with sales and service branches and subsidiaries in Chicago, Paris, London, Milan, Budapest, and Vienna.

Since partnering with DESIGNA in 2015, NextGen has installed over 330 lanes of DESIGNA PARCS equipment along with over 40 Pay-on-foot stations, and as of April 2020 has a backlog of over 200 lanes of equipment to be installed during the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. Included in the backlog is the first North American installation of DESIGNA's new Connect Series of Parking Access and Revenue Control equipment.


ilogs is a software and technology service company, employing over 60 people in Austria and Switzerland. We deliver out-standing solutions for mobile workers and mobile units as well as workflow management applications, systems integration and project consulting across all industries and business functions.

The ParkingHQ Suite from ilogs is the most comprehensive End-to-End parking eCommerce solution worldwide. ilogs understands what matters most to our car-park operator customers when looking for parking eCommerce: First, an intuitive, user-friendly parking Smartphone APP and Website, with easy to browse real-time car-park content. Second, a range of innovative eCommerce applications, e.g. PreBooking, SeasonParker or Frequent Parker cards combined with secure online and mobile payment. And third, a set of useful back-office tools integrated into a single administration web portal. To complete the picture, we have blended in our in-depth ilogs eProcess competence: ParkingHQ is the only solution to feature individually customizable, best practice parking eCommerce processes and workflows.

NextGen has implemented numerous ParkingHQ modules in enterprise parking operations in the healthcare, mixed-use, hospitality, & airport vertical markets.

Quercus Technologies is an international company with a consistent presence on the parking market for more than 15 years. The main distinctive value of our license plate recognition products relies on the fact that Quercus products include proprietary LPR embedded software manufactured by in-house computer vision engineers, experts in license plate recognition (LPR) and vehicle detection for in-lane LPR implementations and Parking Guidance applications alike.

SmartLPR® Access is a powerful All-in-One license plate recognition unit based on proprietary technology developed by Quercus and it is designed to contribute to smart mobility and security in parking facilities and access control areas. A single device integrates everything necessary in order to provide the highest reliability rates worldwide. The web-based configuration and the remote control zoom lens make the unit setup easier and more automatic than ever.

Spot Control is a parking guidance system where vehicle detection is done through license plate recognition at each parking spot. It provides highly reliable parking guidance, identifies vehicles in each parking spot through license plate recognition and improves security and mobility inside the facilities as each Spot Control unit acts as a video surveillance camera that allows recording and visualizing all the events that happen in/around the parking spot it controls. Spot Control capability offers options to "find your vehicle" in case the parker does not recall where they parked, shows parking spot availability and provides information for setting a dynamic fare system with different fares depending on spot location and type. Moreover, car park operators have complete occupancy data and can check all the movements of vehicles in their facilities.

For more than 80 years, TransCore has led the industry in delivering innovative products and services to transportation departments and agencies across the globe. Our mission is to provide engineering solutions for safer, more reliable travel on our roads, bridges, tunnels, and highways.

From the start, our focus has been solely on transportation. In 1939, we provided radio communications for the country’s first toll road in Pennsylvania. Today, we’re developing the nation’s largest express lanes, creating smarter traffic systems, and managing highly anticipated vehicle-to-vehicle programs.

From its founding in 1971, Commend grew from a small family business into a large, globally recognised player providing Integrated Intercom Systems. Today, our unique solutions are installed for the protection of people, buildings and assets throughout the world. Integration of Commend Intercom Solutions has been hugely successful in many industry sectors. Intercom stations, modules and servers for integration of speech, image and data can be found in control rooms throughout the world for increased security. For example, help and emergency call points for transport solutions, controlling barriers in car parks and controlling lifts in buildings. Our solutions can be found in iconic buildings including the Shard (UK), Mercury Tower (RUS); throughout the London Underground Network (UK); in universities and schools; in production facilities; refineries, airports; hospitals; car parks; tunnels and many more.

Carlo Gavazzi was a man who saw a future in automation in the days when it was seen by most as pure science fiction. The history of the business is a fascinating story of innovation. Today, Carlo Gavazzi's products are installed in a wide variety of state-of-the-art, hi-tech products and processes all over the globe.

Carpark III is the third generation of Carlo Gavazzi's Parking Guidance System. The new system features a sensor for mounting at the space entry and with built-in multi-colour LED indicator. A unique feature of the system is the integrated option to save energy by controlling lighting and ventilation according to demand. The Parking Guidance System uses sensors/indicators and displays with arrows to guide the drivers to the vacant spaces in indoor carparks. The unique feature of the system is the integrated option to save energy by controlling lighting and ventilation according to demand

The SURVISION solutions are aimed at security forces, car-park management companies, local authorities and public or private road and motorway management companies. These solutions, based on image-processing technologies, are marketed through a network of integrator partners in some forty countries. R&D accounts for approximately 55% of SURVISION's resources. In 2012, SURVISION joined the ERMIC group, which includes four other companies in the sectors of road traffic, aeronautics, meteorology, military and urban equipment.

3C PAYMENTS' technology makes it convenient and secure for consumers to pay in person and online with Point-to-Point-Encryption (P2PE) Solutions and specialized EMV tokenized transaction flows which simplify the payment experience. Our secure 3C Integra hosted platform unifies multiple payment channels, allowing merchants to confidently trade cross-border in over 40 countries worldwide with multiple acquirers through a standardized infrastructure integrated into onsite and ERP systems. Full control of transactions can be managed with flexible terminal configuration for online and offline trading and with real-time, local or centralized reporting that is accessible from anywhere through our web portal.