Vehicle Access and Parking Revenue Control Systems (PARCS, PRCS)

Systems solutions allow for a broad range of requirements from Designa’s ABACUS for Enterprise Parking & Revenue Control to System Galaxy for Building & Vehicle Access management in garages & office facilities.

Systems feature:

  • Enterprise implementations fully compatible with standard IT infrastructures (SQL, TCP/IP)
  • Open database architecture for interoperability with 3rd party applications
  • Magnetic stripe, bar code ticket media or ticketless
  • Tightly integrated LPR, intercom, access readers (AVI, QR, prox) & control rooms functions
  • Professional project management with timely, on budget system deliveries

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Parking Guidance (PGS), Space Finding, & Count Systems

Advanced sensor technology from Quercus enables camera-based Parking Guidance System to deliver advantages such as License Plate Recognition (LPR) of parked vehicles, Video surveillance, Reserved Parking spaces or areas and more features with associated security and customer service benefits.

Ultrasonic sensor technology from Carlo Gavazzi with directional signage allows for rapid and efficient individual Space Finding in busy garages, whether controlled or uncontrolled.

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Flexible Electronic Access Technologies (LPR, AVI, QR Code, Hotel Key Card)

Integration of access technologies for both contract and transient patron vehicles must be tailored for specific site requirements. The proper implementation of these devices can significantly affect the read accuracy of credentials and hence the smooth operation of a parking facility. Highly accurate License Plate Recognition (LPR) from Quercus Technologies and Survision are tightly integrated with DESIGNA Abacus Blue Edition and Connect Series systems. Automatic Vehicle Detection (AVI) from TransCore and Star allows for near 100% recognition accuracy whether tags are issued by tolling authorities or the garage operator. Integration and implementation of HID prox, QR code and Mifare readers permit support for hotel key card, employee, and special event access as necessary for specific operational requirements.

  • LPR implementations enable gateless entry without loops or triggers
  • AVI integration of full frame credentials ensure highly accurate toll tag reads
  • QR code readers allow customized validation programs & special event access
  • Mifare reader implementation permits hotel key card & employee badge integration

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Software Solutions

Integrating PARCS systems with enterprise applications or other 3rd party software allows full use of data and extension of functionality to, from, or with other organizational requirements such as accounting, customer service, e-commerce, facility management, and many others. Parking HQ (PHQ) from ilogs enables a myriad of enhancements & extensions to baseline PARCS functionality for online pre-booking & pre-paid parking reservations, customer loyalty programs, tenant-managed parking credentials, and remote command center, among other e-commerce extensions. WebVal from Designa permits browser-based parking validation of visitors and retail customers.

Others include:

  • CVPS systems for valet parking management
  • HKIS from AMC for hotel key card integration

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